Customers Benefit From Our 30 Years of Experience

With over 600 purpose-built vehicles deployed across the world, no other

driver-operated people mover manufacturer has more experience than Trams International (TI).  With each new opportunity, our design team taps into this unique experience to evaluate the application, uses tools to analyze the route, and recommends building the correct vehicle to meet the unique requirements.  Our robust vehicles are purpose designed and built for safety and reliability, creating a track record of successful deployments and long term operation.

TI’s parent company, Bus Services Corporation, has operated specialty transportation equipment including trams and trolleys in Southern California for decades. That experience, plus the input from valued customers, has provided TI with the hands-on experience to constantly adapt its products with the operator in mind. TI’s designers and engineers continue to design TI’s people movers to be both driver and maintenance friendly.




Long before electric cars evolved into a buzzword and possible mainstream solution for tackling pollution, the team at TI recognized the benefits of the electric motor for powering urban route type vehicles.  In 1991, under founder Don Duffy’s direction at TI’s predecessor company, Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing Corporation (SVMC), the team developed a product line of electric buses, shuttles, trolleys and delivery vehicles for everyday use.  These vehicles gained the attention of visionary operators, and were deployed in numerous applications across the country. Over 25 years later, many of these vehicles remain in service in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Santa Barbara, California.  


Unfortunately, without proper clean energy policy nor public support, the 1990s were not the age for transportation electrification, and the deployment of this important technology was limited.  Consequently, the team shifted focus back to conventionally powered vehicles, leaving SVMC and founding Trams International in 1999.

In recent years, the TI team has seen the social and political environment catch up to Don’s vision from the 1990’s, and in 2009 once again dedicated immense resources to the development of purpose built electric drive vehicles.  TI’s electric drive vehicles are unique in that the designs are not only based on the latest in EV technology, but rooted in decades of experience and successful deployments of electric drive vehicles.

 The Electric Age Started 25 years Ago At Trams International