The Model 7000 Power Car is TI's new, economical, open air people mover. The 7000 is ideal for smaller venues with lower-ridership applications. It can be customized with ADA packages and our new COVID-19 distancing shields between passenger rows. The optimal vehicle to meet your people moving needs in today's market. 


  • Seats 25 passengers or 15 passengers plus two wheelchairs

  • Open air design provides a safer alternative to an enclosed bus, meeting CDC's recommendation to avoid recirculated air on public transit

  • Ergonomically designed, UV resistant seating  

  • Low floor design - 14 inches off the ground and no stairs for easy loading and unloading

  • Vehicle Dimensions = 8'3" High, 7'10" Wide, 22'5" Long  

  • 3.6L Pentastar Engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission

  • Ram Promaster Cutaway industrial grade commercial gasoline powered chassis

  • Regular unleaded gas (87 octane)



  • COVID-19 distancing shields between passenger rows. Vinyl panels are easy to install, sanitize, and remove

  • ADA package for two wheelchairs. Includes flip up rear seats, tie down straps, and lightweight, aluminum self-storing ramp

  • Two double flip up rear seats accommodate four passengers when wheelchairs are not boarded 

  • Removable driver cab enclosure

  • Roll-up rain curtains



The Model 6000 people movers can be manufactured with an electric drive, gasoline, or diesel engine to fit your needs.



  • Flexible seating layouts ranging from 18 - 123 passengers

  • Power car can be paired with 1, 2 or 3 trailers

  • Multiple lengths, widths, and turning radii power cars and trailers available

  • Options for protection from the elements

  • Comfort features for drivers and passengers 

  • Extensive corrosive environment protection options and features

  • Multiple levels of Audio/Visual system options

  • Several options for guides/conductors

  • Numerous ADA compliant access options


  • Purpose built heavy-duty chassis frame structure

  • Multiple drive-train options

  • Vehicle Control CAN Network for on-board diagnostics and user interface

  • Fully programmable drive-train controls

  • Early-Trailer Brake Activation (ETBA) to minimize “jackknifing”and wear

  • Advanced trailer steering geometry

  • Programmable steering assist for reduced driver fatigue

  • Enhanced comfort ride suspension option

  • Standard air over hydraulic brake system

  • Off-the-shelf replacement components used

  • Comprehensive specifications available upon request



                THE MODEL 6000E

  • Powered by lithium battery powered AC motor

  • Full route and duty cycle study completed for each specific application

  • Electric motor power rating and battery system voltage optimized for the application

  • Safe - most stable battery chemistry on the market

  •  Quiet - low operational audible noise levels

  • Clean- zero emissions


                 THE MODEL 6000D

  • Powered by Mercedes-Benz/MTU Tier IV diesel engine

  • Exceeds current US emissions standards, Euro VI Certification compliant

  • Durable - 20% increased operational life of Tier III engine

  • Improved Performance- high torque at low speeds

  • Reliable After Treatment System- doesn't require active regeneration

  • Lower Maintenance- no particulate filter cleaning


               THE MODEL 6000G

  • Powered by a Ford 3.7L Emission certified gasoline engine 

  • OEM Advantage- Ford's consistent level of quality of mass-produced vehicles

  • Ease of Maintenance- widely available parts with a familiar configuration 

  • Emission Certified- meets EPA and CARB strictest standards

  •  Simplified Exhaust System- exceeds EPA and CARB requirements