Creators of People Mover Solutions

Designing and manufacturing high capacity vehicles for enjoyable passenger experiences

Not only are our vehicles clean and fuel efficient, but with our lean, vertically integrated approach to manufacturing, we are also efficient in our processes and our vehicle design approach.



We transform unique customer application needs into purpose-built transportation solutions utilizing a range of drive train and fuel options, passenger capacity configurations and options packages.


Utilizing the latest techniques and technologies, we have developed and implemented advanced processes, resulting in advanced vehicles with controls and systems to meet modern transportation needs.

Trams International is raising the bar!  It is not enough to just “make it work”. Our vehicles are thoughtful. They take into account, analyze, and anticipate customer needs. The application of new tools, new methods and new technologies are designed to yield new and innovative results…


From our Headquarters near Downtown Los Angeles, CA, TI designs, manufactures and markets the most innovative and advanced product line of trackless people movers in the world. TI offers Trams powered by a wide selection of fuels including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and the clean electric drive.  Throughout our history we have been able to create people mover solutions to meet diverse customer needs.