Trams International’s key staff members have more than 100 years combined vehicle design and manufacturing experience. We've also worked together as a team for nearly two decades. TI is confident our management team is the most customer-driven, most experienced, and most dedicated of any people mover manufacturer in the world.

Don Duffy,  Founder and President

Don Duffy designed his first gasoline-powered car when he was 12-years-old, which is now on display in TI’s headquarters...

Newton Montano, Vice President/General Manager

Newton Montano has nearly 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of purpose built buses, trolleys, and tram people movers...

Herman Montano.jpg
Herman Montano,
Sr. Electrical Engineer/Electrical Systems Manager

Herman Montano has worked in the electrical systems field since he began helping his father service telephone equipment...

Allison Duffy Larson
Chief Operating Officer

Influenced at a young age by her father’s passion for electric vehicles, Allison Duffy Larson understood early on the importance of the clean energy revolution to the future...

Sergio's picture.jpg
Sergio Rodriguez,
Field Service

Prior to joining the Trams International team in 1995, Sergio Rodriguez underwent seven years of medium and heavy-duty truck training in the United States Army...