Newton Montano

Mr. Montano has nearly 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of purpose built buses, trolleys, and tram people movers.  Raised in El Salvador, Mr. Montano earned a degree in Industrial Mechanics Technology in a rigorous Salesian academy. In 1986, Mr. Montano immigrated to the US and began working for SVMC.  In 1991, after working in production for his first 5 years, he transitioned to the EV program, serving in many capacities from oversight and program management to application engineering during the introductions of the newly advanced electric buses to transit agencies.  He was responsible for the design and prototyping of a 31-foot electric transit bus including the validation and testing in preparation for certification.

Mr. Montano currently serves as Vice President/General Manager of TI.  He directs the design and manufacture of TI’s application specific tram people movers, as well as leads the Low Speed Vehicle project.  His vision for smart digital systems lead TI’s transition of many analog systems into fully programmable digital architectures that service as the foundation for its robotics efforts.   Since 2009, Mr. Montano has focused on creating more efficient and sustainable proprietary transportation modes and technologies to deal with the societal pressures regarding efficient mobility, including first and last mile applications.