Herman Montano

Herman Montano has worked in the electrical systems field since he began helping his father service telephone equipment at the age of 12 in his native country of El Salvador.  Mr. Montano earned a technical degree in electrical systems in a rigorous Salesian academic program, and then immigrated to the United States and began working for Specialty Vehicle Manufacturing Corporation during the early 1990s.  Herman quickly began helping with design and implementation of electrical systems for specialty vehicles, buses and trams, including electric drive models and in 2013, he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Currently, Mr. Montano is Trams International’s Senior Electrical Engineer, and Electrical Systems Manager.  He is responsible for the design, prototyping, documentation, and development and testing of the automotive electrical systems used in the people movers.  Herman’s designs have modernized TI’s vehicles and have made the products that TI manufacturers safer, more reliable and more efficient. Herman is currently the lead of TI’s Low Speed Vehicle project where he and his team have been experimenting with new technologies like vehicle telematics, ultra-capacitors, and wireless vehicle charging.