The popular Model 6000 purpose built people mover is designed from the ground up with features and options to meet the most demanding needs of major foreign and domestic customers. During the specification and ordering process, TI works closely with each customer to meet their unique route, duty cycle and capacity needs, critical for successful deployment. The comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals supplied by TI help insure many years of safe and dependable service.


  • Configure with Power Car Plus Up to 3 Trailers

  • Accommodate from 18 to 123 Passengers

  • Multiple Drive-train Options

  • Purpose Built Heavy Duty Chassis-Frame Structure

  • Fully Programmable Drive-train Controls

  • Early-Trailer Brake Activation (ETBA) to Minimize “Jackniffing”and Wear

  • Advanced Trailer Steering Geometry

  • Off-the-Shelf Replacement Components Used

  • Comprehensive Specifications Available Upon Request




  • Numerous passenger capacities and seating arrangements

  • Audio options including driver, attendant mics and recorded messages

  • Easy to deploy weather protection

  • Several attendant positions options including a rear attendant platform

  • Custom paint and graphics

  • ADA options including wheelchair position(s) & securement

  • Driver area options include weather protection, heat and defrost

  • Passenger safety features include half walls, horizontal rails or chains along rows

  • Additional options available


The Model 6000 people movers can feature one of the

following energy sources depending on the application

and available “fuels”.

Contact us to configure a vehicle for your specific needs.