1)     Name & location of your venue?


2)     The maximum number of passengers you wish to transport per tram set?

3)     Type and condition of road surface (concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt,

         etc./smooth or rough)?

4)     Will tram be climbing or descending hills or steep grades?  If so maximum

        % of grade up and down and length of grades.

5)     Type of use (parking lot shuttle, tram tours, etc.)?

6)     Tightest inside and outside turning radius to be negotiated?

7)     Width of roadway?

8)     Duty cycle (hours of operation/length of route/approximate miles per

         day/number of days per week.

9)     Type of fuels available: (gasoline, electric or diesel)?

10)   Timeline for tram project?  When would trams likely be needed?

11)   How did you learn about Trams International?